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Hans Device from Stand 21 is first of only three HANS® licensed manufacturers in the world. The Stand 21 HANS devices FHR (Featherlite, Ultimate, Hi-Tech, Racing and Club Series) all engineered and manufactured by Stand 21 France. available in different size, All fit 2″ or 3″ harness and hans post fitted helmets.

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    FHR Hans device ENGINEERED BY STAND 21


    Stand 21 is the first FHR Hans Device manufacturer in the world. . .



Stand 21 featherlite Hans device NZ THE FHR REVOLUTION


Virtually unknown on the racing tracks just 10 years ago, the FHR system has become today as basic a safety device for the racing car driver as his helmet or his fire-retardant suit. Its use has protected many racing drivers from serious injuries or even death.

Using its unmatched racing service, scheduled year-round on racing tracks all over the world, Stand 21 has for several years fitted the appropriate FHR model to numerous racers. Unquestionably Stand 21 has been and remains today a major contributor to the popularization of the FHR product and size.

This is why Stand 21 can now offers to racing car drivers an exclusive and unique FHR Hans device NZ model line worldwide!

Wearing a head restraint device approved by the FIA is mandatory for all drivers and co-drivers in international events. Check with the Federation, sanctioning body that oversees your Championship: the decisions to make FHR mandatory are sometimes taken without advance warning. In any cases it is not advisable for your safety and your comfort to wear and install a FHR at the last minute or in very short time, especially without the assistance of FHR professional.

WHAT IS THE FHR?The FHR is the greatest safety innovation since the full-face helmet and the fire retardant racing suit. It reduces the risk of basilar skull fracture or muscle stretching during an intense deceleration, the primary cause of death in motor racing. A sign of drivers awareness: 2 out of 3 now purchase a FHR whereas it is or not compulsory in their racing series. This system can also be used with an open-face helmet, making its use much safer. hans device size.Stand 21 Ultimate FHR Hans device NZChoose your FHR hans device System depending on:
1. Your neck circumference
2. The recline of your seat

seat angals
Fully Upright Seat
For sprint-car use 
Also for slender drivers weighing less than100 lbs
20 degre seat
Upright Seat
For the majority of drivers in a majority of cars
racing car 30 degree seat
Reclined Seat
For drivers with larger upper-body in most cars or slender drivers in open-wheel cars
super laid back seat needing specal FHR hans device
Fully Reclined Seat
For speed-record vehicles, vintage open-wheel cars

Stand 21 FHR hans device5 inclines:
– Series 10: 
Used for a very upright position (rallies…).
– Series 20: Straight seating, used in sedans, GTs, rallies…
– Series 25: For young drivers and women.
– Series 30: Half-laid down seating, used in single seaters and prototypes.
– Series 40: Laid-down seating, used in some single seaters.
Stand 21 FHR device width3 width:
– Small: 
Neck circumference less than 38 cm (15 inches).
– Medium: Neck circumference between 38 and 45.5 cm (15 to 18 inches).
– Large: Neck circumference over 45.5 cm (18 inches).
– Special: Contact us. 

FHR efficiency
In a 56 km/h (35 mph) crash

Hans device NZ crash statistics

Stand 21 is one of only three FHR Hans device manufacturers in the world.

manufactured by stand 21 in France

Hans devicefixing hans deviceFHR finished

Hans Device NZ

Hans helmet friendly

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